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SaaS loan software, empowering lenders through
automation & data visibility.

We offer an end to end humanless lending solutions. Loan Management | Customer Analisis | Customer Support | Collections & Automation. TaxCash's Software takes lending your money to the next level. We make your lending processes uniform with automated payments, borrower communication and collections.

Offer Customers Hassel-free Financing accross Canada.

Merchant Advance | Title Loans | Payday Loans

With TaxCash SaaS, lending money is simple and straightforward.

Features & Benefits

Loan Management

Our platform manages all types of loan products, Merchant Advance, Title Loans & Payday Loans.


We automated the three most powerful marketing tools so you can reach more potential customers.


Built to manage—and automate-- all aspects of the debt collection and recovery process.


Built with the guidance of CPA's who work in the Short term lending Industry, never face an audit unprepared.


TaxCash business analytics delivers valuable insights to your portfolio performance.


Accurate, powerful real-time reporting; TaxCash gets you in the know… now.

Lead Management

Monitor and compare the performance acquisition cost of your leads by lead source.

Data Monetization

Turn unwanted leads into an instant source of revenue.

Dash Boards

Our dashboards empower you with an intuitive monitoring so you can know every detail of your business.

Mobile Technology

We use the most advanced mobile technology to increase your profits without increasing operating costs.

Text Messaging

Our fully integrated text messaging technology cuts the cost of text messages by up to 50%.

Auto Dialers

Our dialer technology will dramatically increase your ability to process loans, make collection calls and conduct marketing campaigns.

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