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In addition to a wide range of Tax and Tax Related services we also Develop and provide Loan Management Software Solutions. Learn More

Our software engineers and financial specialists focus on the cutting edge of technology delivering dynamic AI / ML focused credit software solutions to lending companies, institutions and businesses all over Canada, including services such as:

  • Online Loan Application
  • Loan Origination System
  • Auto-Decisioning
  • Electronic Payment Systems (Pre-authorized payments/deposits)
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Since 2018, TaxCash has been providing Loan Management Software Solutions. We’re established in the industry, yet our young, creative team of computer and financial specialists keep our brand and vision progressive by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform to handle everything from loan acquisition, decisioning, servicing, customer support and collections. Rapidly scale while simultaneously reducing overhead costs by using AI workflows, automation and Machine Learning.


TaxCash offers Audit Protection in Canada.

Why would I need audit protection?

Tax saving aren’t everything. You need to ensure that you’re protected from potential tax problems as well. Unfortunately too many Canadians and Americans still underestimate the severe impact a tax problem can have on their financial future and quality of life, until it is too late.

Don’t make the same mistake. A federal or state tax audit is a serious problem. The vast powers of the CRA can wreak havoc for anybody, and most taxpayers don’t realize how fast interest and penalties compound from a single mistake. Remember, most audits are done for past years, and these monetary penalties are assessed from the time the original mistake occurred!

At TaxCash, we do not underestimate the value of having Audit Protection. That’s why it’s a standard feature of your Tax Reduction Package. We are committed to protecting you, your family, and your business from any tax authority.

But I already have a CPA, so why would I need TaxCash too?

The fact of the matter is, that while CPAs and tax accountants are good at preparing taxes, they are usually not as good when it comes to defending their clients against CRA. The reason is that they simply don’t do it very often. And let’s be honest, wouldn’t you be a little nervous if your CPA or accountant was constantly defending his or her clients from the CRA? Plus, using your CPA or accountant, or even tax attorney for audit defence would cost you between $200 – $300 per hour!

What’s worse, the CRA know this. So if you are using a private attorney or CPA, sometimes CRA agents will simply drag out the length of the case until you can no longer financially afford to keep defending yourself.

But at TaxCash, that’s all changed. First of all, because your Audit Protection plan is unlimited, there’s no charge regardless of how long the problem takes to resolve. One hour or 300 hours, it’s all the same to us. Secondly, we do audit defense all the time, because that’s our job. And because we do it all the time, we’ve gotten pretty good at it. In fact, we win nearly every time!

What does your Audit Protection include?

Your TaxCash Individual Tax Reduction Package entitles you to full protection from any taxing authority for yourself, your spouse, and your sole proprietor home business. If at any time while you are a client you receive notice for any taxing problem including notices of penalty, correction, or audit, TaxCash will handle your problem from start to finish at no additional charge.

In the event you receive any type of tax notice, simply call the Audit Defense Hotline immediately (included in your Tax Reduction Package kit), and we’ll take over the problem from there.

At TaxCash, we work hard to not just resolve your tax problem, but to remove the stress as well! That’s why you won’t have to write, talk or meet with the CRA when you’re a client of TaxCash. We do the work, you go on living… how’s that for peace of mind?

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